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Your parking lot is more important than you could imagine. Not only is it one of if not the first impression your customers or guests will have, but it is also necessary for safety. A poorly maintained parking lot can lead to damaged cars, car accidents, and even pedestrian accidents within your parking lot. Weeds may grow through your pavement, faded lines may cause poor parking or even damaged cars due to poor parking, and pedestrians may trip in cracks, potholes, or over weeds. Action Seal and Stripe in Lubbock, Texas, offers new parking lot construction in and around the Lubbock area. When you choose Action Seal and Stripe, we promise to deliver the best new parking lot construction around. We are paving contractors in Lubbock focused on providing the best final product as well as the best customer service and satisfaction across the South Plains.

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Our team at Action Seal and Stripe works hard to provide you with optimal parking lot construction services. When you choose us, we do not cut corners to get the job done quicker. Instead, our team takes every precaution and every step to ensure that your new parking lot will last a long time. Our new parking lot construction services are the best around because of the integrity with which we do each job. We level the ground and take measurements of your new parking lot, pack caliche over the top to create a smooth and firm foundation, lay thick blacktop to keep weeds from growing through as quickly, and stripe your parking lot to regulation. This includes ADA regulations, crosswalks, no parking zones, and more. We listen to our customers to make sure that you are getting exactly what you have asked for when it comes to your parking lot construction!

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